T-Rex 0.19.11-NVIDIA显卡(GPU)挖矿软件下载

T-Rex 挖矿软件介绍使用教程:https://wk588.com/12816-1-1.html

T-Rex 0.19.11更新日志:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This release mainly is a security patch for a vulnerability caused by binding miner API to IP address by default thus exposing it to the outside world and allowing to perform various attacks. So, we strongly recommend updating to this version OR specifying --api-bind-http --api-bind-telnet as additional miner arguments in your bat/sh script to prevent these attacks. If you need to access the API or the Web UI from another device in your local network, you can bind the API to in which case it is recommended to disallow any config modifications with --api-read-only flag or set up your firewall in a way that prevents unauthorised access to the API. Security features like API password may be added in future releases. If you’re running one of the Linux based mining operating systems like HiveOS, mmpOS and so on, you’re very likely not affected as they bind T-Rex API servers to by default.

Bug fixes:

(API) Bind API servers to by default to prevent unauthorised access to the API (API) Miner pause functionality is broken (regression)


重要说明:此版本主要是针对由于默认情况下将矿工API绑定到 IP地址而导致的漏洞而导致的安全漏洞,从而使其暴露于外界并允许进行各种攻击。 因此,我们强烈建议您更新到该版本,或者在bat /中指定-api-bind-http --api-bind-telnet 作为其他矿工参数 sh脚本可防止这些攻击。 如果您需要从本地网络中的其他设备访问API或Web UI,则可以将API绑定到 ,在这种情况下,建议使用< 代码>-api只读标志或以防止未经授权访问API的方式设置防火墙。 API密码之类的安全功能可能会在将来的版本中添加。 如果您运行的是HiveOS,mmpOS等基于Linux的采矿操作系统之一,则它们很可能不会受到影响,因为它们默认情况下会将T-Rex API服务器绑定到 。

错误修复: (API)默认情况下将API服务器绑定到 ,以防止未经授权访问该API (API)矿工暂停功能已损坏(回归)
T-Rex 0.19.11官方原版下载连接:
t-rex-0.19.11-linux-cuda10.0.tar.gz 软件大小:15.5 MB
t-rex-0.19.11-linux-cuda11.1.tar.gz 软件大小:20.9 MB
t-rex-0.19.11-linux-cuda9.2.tar.gz 软件大小:14.9 MB
t-rex-0.19.11-win-cuda10.0.zip 软件大小:18.2 MB
t-rex-0.19.11-win-cuda11.1.zip 软件大小:22.9 MB
t-rex-0.19.11-win-cuda9.2.zip 软件大小:17.7 MB