Claymore’s Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v11.3

Claymore’s Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v11.3更新内容:

  • 1.在ASM ETH-only模式下添加了自动检测最佳-dcri值,如果-dcri选项没配置(主要是提高A卡算力),按“s”键查看当前值,也可以按“z”键重新开始检测。
  • 2.对8卡矿机做了优化,现在CPU占用更少,EthMan现在工作正常.
  • 3.为RX550卡增加了汇编程序内核,但RX550不适合双挖,仅单挖ETH的情况下,ASM内核速度提高了约7%
  • 4.增加“x”键选择GPU进行手动数值调整。
  • 5. 几个小错误修复和改进。

    Latest version is v11.3:
    – added automatic detection of best -dcri values in ASM ETH-only mode if -dcri option is missed.
    Press “s” key to see current values, you can also press “z” key to restart detection.
    – improved support for systems with many GPUs (eight and more) and slow CPU: much less CPU load, EthMan works fine now.
    – added assembler kernel for RX550 card. This card is not good for dual mining, but in ETH-only mode ASM kernel is faster by about 7%.
    – added “x” key to select GPU for manual -dcri value adjustment.
    – several minor bug fixes and improvements.


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